Bruntwood, UK

​Leading the way with combined security at Bruntwood

Bruntwood is a major Property Management Company and Developer with a portfolio of properties in Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds. Specialising in developing, letting and managing commercial properties, Bruntwood has experienced significant growth in recent times, and last year purchased more property than it has collectively in the past  thirty years.


Bruntwood already had a successful partnership in place with Gunnebo Electronic Security (formerly Clear Image), with approximately 65% of sites covered. However, with a sizeable expansion and acquisition plan in place and managing a vast portfolio of high-end commercial properties, a more comprehensive security monitoring and maintenance solution was required. Having been so impressed with the work to date, Bruntwood has invited Gunnebo Electronic Security to take up sole security partner status for service and monitoring ahead of the planned contract renewal.

​“We’ve used Gunnebo Electronic Security (Clear Image) for a number of years now and they’ve always done such a good job, so it made absolute sense to ask them to be involved with our future projects. We also use Gunnebo SpeedStiles in our buildings and so there is synergy there too. We have a great working relationship and share the same company values.”

Mark Hawley, Area Property Manager, Bruntwood