Yodel, UK

​Improving safety, boosting efficiency and reducing costs for Yodel

Yodel began in 2010 as the Home Delivery Network, and soon acquired the B2B and B2C contracts of DHL Express UK, rebranding as Yodel. Since then, the company has recorded exponential growth year on year and now handles over 155 million parcels annually. Yodel has won several national awards for their work, including the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ at the MetaPack Delivery Awards of 2013 and the CCA Excellence Award  in 2014.


Yodel’s 55 service centres are currently installed with a combination of Analogue and IP Camera Systems. With the company’s continual growth in mind, a more efficient and comprehensive security monitoring and maintenance solution was required, so the company turned to Gunnebo UK Electronic Security (formerly Clear Image) due to their solid reputation, experience and competency in this area.



​“Gunnebo Electronic Security have worked closely with Yodel to find where extra value can be gained from the IP CCTV, which could be anything from financial savings and significant theft reductions to improved health and safety practices. Furthermore, we have been monitoring traffic safety across their sites with an aim to make improvements, as well as productivity and resource management.”
Michelle Atkinson, Head of Installations & Projects at Gunnebo Electronic Security