Gunnebo's roots

The company takes its name from the village of Gunnebo in the south-east of Sweden. It was here that Hans Hultman opened a forge in 1764 and started to produce hammers. This small business grew steadily and by the 1800s several factories were opened.

Modern-Day Gunnebo

The old metal-working business was acquired in 1995 by venture capital company, HIDEF. HIDEF adopted the Gunnebo name and took the decision to focus all of the company's efforts on delivering security.

History in the UK

In the UK we have been in the business of supplying safes and other secure storage products for almost 200 years. Gunnebo UK Ltd was formerly the Chubb Safes business based in Wolverhampton which traded secure storage products both in the UK and abroad. In 2000 Gunnebo AB acquired Chubb Safes and in 2006 as part of Gunnebo's reorganisation Chubbsafes Ltd was renamed Gunnebo UK Ltd.

Chubb founded by Charles and Jeremiah Chubb starting manufacturing in Wolverhampton in 1820 designing and manufacturing safes and locks for banking and financial institutions.

The Chubb brothers patented their first safe.

Chubb becomes plc and changes its name to Chubb & Sons Lock & Safe Company Ltd.

Chubbsafes continues to grow through the 1900's. Along with other UK brands such as Rosengrens, Churchills and Mayor, Chubb becomes part of the Gunnebo Group as they make acquisitions of a number of security providers around the globe.

Chubb demerged with the safes division and licence for the Chubbsafes brand being acquired by the Gunnebo Security Group.

Chubbsafes becomes Gunnebo UK Ltd.


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