S1 Corporation
Product Used
Speed Gates

S1 Corporation South Korea

Their Story:
S1 Corporation is part of the Samsung Group and is responsible for the security at all of Samsung's facilities.

Their Goal:
As the corporation expands, S1 needed to ensure that the same security standards are met at every one of Samsung's sites, no matter where on the globe they are located. Another main priority is the protection of information, particularly regarding the development of new products. Therefore S1 wanted to be able to control and monitor the flow of people into, out of and around Samsung's facilities.
The Solution:
Speed Gates – designed to be used in areas where there is a large flow of people – became part of the standard integrated security solution for Samsung sites.

Their Business Benefits:
Smooth passage of people with the authorisation to move to and from specific areas of a building while preventing access to unauthorised individuals. Gunnebo has a global reach and can support Samsung's continued expansion by delivering the same standard of security equipment to new facilities all over the world.