Product Used

Shell Denmark


Their Story:

Shell is a global energy and petrochemicals group with around 87,000 employees in more than 70 countries. Shell's 44,000 petrol stations serve over 20 million customers a day globally. 

Their Goal:
A cash handling system for its petrol stations which would not only increase security for its staff, but would also deliver efficiencies in the cash handling chain. 

Gunnebo's Solution:
SafePayTM, a secure system which keeps cash protected from the moment it leaves the customer's hand until it reaches the cash-counting centre. 

Their Business Benefits:
With no manual handling of cash, staff work in a safer environment, cash differences are eliminated and back office administration is reduced. 

Quote from customer:
"The system is helping us to increase the security and efficiency of our cash handling process," says Maria Beck-Tange, Retail Director for Shell Denmark. "The site staff have been very positive towards the initiative. This is an important milestone for Shell in terms of increasing security."