Société Générale
Product Used

Société Générale France

Their Story:
In 2007, the French bank, Société Générale, launched the standardisation of its 2,300 branches. But granting access to the vault usually located in the basement was difficult or even impossible in some cases. 


Their Goal:
To allow a client with reduced mobility to benefit from the banking services the safe deposit lockers must come up to the customer.

Gunnebo Solution:
EasyBox – a solution Gunnebo has developed in partnership with Société Générale which also meets the whole banking sector's needs for accessibility.

Their Business Benefits:

EasyBox is stored in a specifically equipped locker in the vault, with the same level of safety for the customer. When a customer wants to access it, he or she presents two keys to the bank's staff, one to open the locker and the other to release the safe. The staff collect and transport the safe to a secured consultation room on the ground floor. The client, once alone, opens his safe using a third key – the control key – which he alone possesses. Gunnebo-patented identification system, which checks that the safe and the locker match each other, allows the release of the control key. This is returned to the client together with the locker's key, and gives the customer confidence that the valuables are safely back in the vault.

Quote from customer:
"We consulted our regular suppliers to ask them to create a 'mobile locker' that provides all the necessary security guarantees to our customers, and we chose the Gunnebo solution named easybox," explains Frank Parouffe, in charge of Physical Security Products at Société Générale.