Cash Deposit

Front and back office cash deposit solutions for more efficient cash handling.

Cash Deposit

Gunnebo offers front and back office cash deposit solutions, for the more efficient handling of cash.

A cash deposit safe will help you reduce the cost of back office administration, by removing the cash counting responsibilities from your staff. This is made possible with either a self-service note counting solution or through a sealed bag solution, which allows you to get complete control and transparency over each money deposit.

Money Safe

Gunnebo's cash deposit solutions includes a series of unique self-service note counting machines and note deposit solutions, where notes can be entered in bundles for speed. A money deposit safe can incorporate a touch screen, which can be used by staff in order to confirm their identification.

This type of cash depository safe uses Gunnebo's CashControl monitoring software, so that you can gain real-time cash management, reporting functions and transaction transparency. CashControl can be used centrally or through Gunnebo's managed hosting service, where control over an entire network of note deposit machines is possible.

These money units with CashControl software can be used to ensure that cash deposits are credited to your account on the same day. Cash collection can be streamlined by sharing data with CIT (cash in transit) partners, thus optimising route planning and pick-up times.

Our sealed bag deposit systems are cash safes that can track and trace deposits made using a seal bag. The seal bag is registered and can then be followed through each step of the cash handling process.

You can monitor the number of cash deposits made to each secure money safe and use this data to improve the frequency of emptying schedules. It is also possible to remotely monitor the status of each cash note safe, in order to quickly identify and solve technical issues. The possibility exists to outsource the monitoring of the deposit system, freeing up more time to spend on your core business.

Coin Safe

Gunnebo's cash drawer deposit units allow you to store and deposit cash securely, in the front office. The cash unit can be fitted underneath a desk and operated from your chair using an electronic panel, at the top of the unit.

The cash drawer deposit units can be used to quickly deposit cash notes. The coin safe can also be used to make a coin deposit of coin rolls or loose coins. In each case cash is securely stored away in a locked drawer or via a deposit slot.

With each cash drawer you can choose the configuration through Gunnebo's extensive range of interior fittings. Fittings include coin unit drawers, security compartments, discretion shutters and stationary drawers. Extra security through a time delay function and under duress alarm can also be added to the configuration.

Cash Deposit Solutions

Reduce the cost of retail cash management

Gunnebo’s self-service note counting and note deposit solutions remove cash-counting responsibilities from your staff.

Reduce back office administration costs

Save time on manual counting and verification. Banknotes are processed securely and efficiently, reducing the risk of robbery, preventing shrinkage and eliminating cash differences.

Get greater control over your cash handling processes

Link to CashControl monitoring software for real-time cash management, transaction transparency and reporting functions. Host CashControl centrally or use Gunnebo’s managed hosting service for control over an entire network of note deposit units.

Receive same-day credit

Deposited amounts can be credited to your account during the same working day for a better operating cash-flow.

Streamline cash collection routines

With real-time access to cash levels which can be shared with CIT partners, you can optimise route planning and pick-up times for a more efficient service.

High-speed note processing

Staff use a touch screen to confirm their identification and for speed enter notes in bundles. All transactions are automatically registered and authenticated.

Cash Drawer Deposit

Store and deposit cash securely in the front office

Gunnebo’s cash drawer deposit units fit neatly under your desk allowing for cash to be quickly deposited and securely stored away.

Make secure cash deposits

Deposit notes, coin rolls or loose coins into a locked drawer or via a deposit slot. Programmable time delay function and duress alarm give you extra security.

Ergonomic for ease of use

Gunnebo’s cash drawer deposit units fit under your desk and can be operated from your chair using the electronic panel on top of the unit.

Customise according to your deposit requirements

Choose the configuration of storage drawers and deposit functions to build the cash drawer deposit unit which suits you best.

Optimise storage

An extensive range of interior fittings includes coin drawers, stationery drawers, security compartments and discretion shutters.

Deposit Systems

Improve the management of cash deposits

Gunnebo’s cash deposit systems give you complete transparency and control over cash deposits.

Track and trace deposits

All deposits are registered and can be followed throughout the cash handling process. 

Get control over volumes

The volume of cash deposits per machine can be remotely monitored allowing for better management of emptying routines.

Same-day credit

Deposited amounts can be credited during the same working day so that you can offer a better service to retail customers who benefit from a better cash-flow.

Improve the availability of your cash deposit service

Remote monitoring of each machine’s status means technical issues are solved quickly and your cash deposit service becomes more reliable.

Reduce the cost of your cash handling process

Less time spent with cash handling administration and the option to outsource the monitoring of your cash deposit machines gives you more time to spend on your core business.

A faster service is a safer service

Deposits made using seal bags are quick and means less time spent by the customer exposing themselves to risk.

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