Cash Recycling

Self-service terminals for handling large volumes of notes and coins to improve the management of cash for retailers.

Cash Recycling

Gunnebo's cash recycling solutions for retailers are complete self-service terminals for handling large volumes of notes and coins, helping to improve cash management within retail. 

Cash Recycler

A cash recycler simplifies cash register balancing by providing start to end of day money for recycling. At the start of the day, staff can collect predetermined or freely selected denominations and amounts from the cash recycler. Staff can then use the same terminal to replenish till levels and to deposit cash for money recycling through the day and at the end of the day.

Deposited notes are automatically authenticated, sorted and stacked in recycling cassettes. The recycling money is held within a certified safe, which improves overall retail security and theft prevention.

Gunnebo's CashControl web-based application allows you to monitor deposits online, for one or for multiple machines. You can generate reports and manage users, defining the cash mixes and user rights for each cashier.

All cash movements are recorded, thus minimising cash handling risks. Improved cash flow is offered as deposits are automatically reconciled and credited to your account. You can reduce cash handling costs by improving collection planning and refilling schedules, through real-time monitoring and by opting to inform CIT partners about cash levels, across your entire chain of stores. 

Cash for Recycling

Large supermarkets, shopping malls and exhibition centres where there are a number of small traders, can opt for Gunnebo's SafeCash Retail Station. This innovative solution allows cashiers to fill, refill and empty their tills through one station.

The SafeCash Retail Station will allow you to recycle cash with high speed counting of eight notes per second. To recycle coins at speed, this recycler counts 900 coins per minute. Combined, it is possible to deposit in one go bundles of up to 200 notes along with coins. Notes are kept in a Grade III certified safe with optional ink protection.

Gunnebo's SafeCash Retail Recycler has been designed to meet the needs of retailers such as supermarkets and big box stores. The cash recycler can be set as a cash-in terminal, a cash-out terminal or a cash-in/cash-out combined terminal.

The cash for recycling is automatically sorted and stacked in recycling cassettes to help retailers reduce processing time. The cash recycler stores notes in a VdS-certified safe.

Authentication, counterfeit rejection and a fitness test is conducted by various infrared and magnetic sensors. Coin recycling can be managed through a high-volume coin deposit sidecar and there is the option to add an envelope deposit sidecar.

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