Closed Cash Handling

Replace manual tills with a system which recycles and protects cash from the moment it leaves the customer’s hand until it reaches the cash-counting centre. A secure way to handle cash efficiently and remove cash differences. 

Closed Cash Handling

Closed cash handling improves shop security and safety, for both customers and staff. Gunnebo's SafePay systems provides secure closed cash handling for checkouts and payment solutions.

SafePay can handle cash efficiently, while removing the potential for cash differences. Closed cash handling replaces manual tills with a system that, recycles and protects cash, by keeping it locked away.

It does this from the moment that it leaves the customer's hand and until it reaches the cash counting centre.

Cash Handling

Cash is protected through not being exposed to staff for manual handling or cash counting. Cash can be transported to the back office in an ink-protected cassette, prior to being deposited into a transit unit, for collection by CIT (cash in transit).

Real-time cash levels can be monitored to enable CIT pick-ups when required, rather than being on a fixed and pre-determined route plan.

Money Handling

Gunnebo's SafePay solutions are available as a coin only, note only or coin and note combined.

SafePay Basic CR2 is a coin recycler a payment solution for checkouts and retailers. It caters for coin money handling with a large coin bowl for single payment, with whole handfuls of coins can be dealt with in one go. The machine rapidly counts, sorts and authenticates coins, returning change or invalid items.

SafePay Basic is floor anchored to provide extra security and can automatically fix coin jams. The machine has a storage capacity of up to 600 coins per denomination.

SafePay Secure NR2 is a note recycler that can be configured for self service cash handling or cashier operation. The unit can handle multiple currencies, while being equipped for cashback. The high resolution graphics display provides clear instructions on how to pay.

Cash arrives counted and checked in closed cassettes from checkouts and the cash is never exposed during refilling or maintenance. SafePay Secure has a storage capacity of up to 800 notes. Online control and reporting is granted through Gunnebo's SafePay Control software.

SafePay Station is a combined coin recycler and note recycler, equipped with a barcode reader and touch screen. This money handling system can be used in conjunction with any POS software, PC, receipt printer or card reader. Maintenance staff can solve problems quickly, with plug and play replacement of the key parts.

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