Airport Security Gates

Move airline passengers quickly through pre-security to the boarding gate whilst maintaining high levels of security.

Airport Security Gates

Airport security gates play an essential role in airport security and make it possible for airports to process passengers quickly, without compromising on security.

Gunnebo airport security gates meet national security standards for passenger processing at pre-security, boarding, immigration and baggage reclaim locations.

Our pre-security gates, immigration gates, boarding gates and anti-return gates help to ensure that travellers spend less time queuing and more time in the commercial areas of the airport. Accredited by authority standards for connection to the CUTE® system, our airport security gates help to simplify passenger travel, reduce operating costs and free up staff to allow them to focus on other duties.

Automated Pre-security Airport Gates

Positioned before the security screening area, automated pre-security airport gates accelerate passengers through security and into the departure lounge, at a rate of up to 40 passages per minute.

The gate can check boarding passes for validity, reading both print-outs and mobile devices. This information can be checked against the flight information system and can be upgraded with a passport/document reader and biometric capture devices. This increases the level of verification by checking the traveller's ID and matching it to the boarding pass.

A LCD display gives passengers clear instructions on how to present boarding passes for verification.

Automated Immigration Gates

Automated immigration gates from Gunnebo feature a high-visibility glazed passageway and can be employed in single or multiple lane configurations, with uni or bi-directional passenger flows.

The immigration gates have local or remote control, with traveller status lights and integrated biometrics technology. The stereoscopic vision system gives single passage detection, left item detection and crawl under/climb over detection.

Airport Anti-return gates

Airport anti-return gates prevent passengers from returning or passing from a low security area, back into secure or sensitive environments. They are typically located after immigration control but before baggage reclaim. Under this scenario, the anti-return gate prevents travellers from collecting baggage and then returning air side.

Airport anti-return gates can also be placed between baggage reclaim and the public land side areas. With no passenger interaction, the gates processes 50 to 100 passages per minute. The aesthetic glazing gives good traveller visibility and the automated gate detects presence, left items and direction of movement.

If wrong way passage is detected, then the system will automatically close and lock the doors, as well as generate a local and remote alarm to notify security staff or CCTV surveillance staff.

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