SafeCash Counter Deposit Light

Point of sale note vertification and storage

​The SafeCash Counter Deposit Light is a secure and intelligent front-line cash handling solution. Notes are deposited at the point of sale ensuring note validation and note value data is captured real-time. Best acceptance of street quality banknotes, accepts sterling notes, Bank of England, Scottish and Irish.

Connectivity - Ethernet ready with options.

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Key Specifications

  • Features Benefits: SmartNo fuss, no temptation, easy quick and problem free.
  • Safe: From customer to SafeCash CDL to bank or cash centre.
  • Efficient: Save time at point of sale and in back office operations. "
  • Deposit Method: Single note deposit
  • Capacity: Note storage in cassettes with 600 to 2000 note capacity options, a self-sealing tamper evident bag is also available.