SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart

Combined front and back office note deposit station

Deposits made into a UL safe with a mechanical or (optional) electronic lock.

Deposit speed: Bundles of up to 50 notes can be deposited in one go. Double feeder system accelerates deposit speed. Notes are automatically registered and counted before a receipt is issued.Same-day credit as soon as notes are deposited, details of the amounts can be sent to the bank allowing your account to be credited that working day.

User verification: Identification via touch screen and PIN. No limit to the number of users. User management allows different rights levels.

Cash management and monitoring: The real-time cash level of each safe can be tracked using Gunnebo’s web-based monitoring software, CashControl

Collection for convenient CIT pick-up: The notes are sent straight into a deposit cassette. Route planning and pick-up times can be optimised by giving CIT access to cash level data.

Security: Euro notes verified by a note recognition module tested by the Deutsche Bundesbank.

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Key Specifications

  • Deposit Speed: 50 notes per minute.
  • Deposit Method: Note bundles of up to 50 notes per feeder.
  • Capacity: Up to 2,200 notes.