SafeCash Retail Recycler

Self-service cash recycler for notes and coins

Cash-in or cash-out terminal, combined cash-in/cash-out terminal, or full recycler.

Deposit function: Insert bundles of up to 200 banknotes. Notes are automatically sorted, authenticated, fitness-tested and stacked in recycling cassettes to greatly reduce processing time.

Counterfeit rejection: Optical, ultraviolet, infrared and magnetic are some or the sensors that identify counterfeit and poor quality notes.

Restocking: Replenish your tills according to preset individual limits.

Security: Cash is stored in a VdS-certified safe to protect from theft.

Monitoring: Use the CashControl software to enable user administration and reporting, making inventory and pick-ups more efficient and economical.

Connect to your entire network of self-service machines using a web-based portal.

Sidecars: Additional coin recycling, high-volume coin deposit and envelope deposit sidecars.

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Key Specifications

  • Grade: CEN III.
  • Capacity: ​5 banknote cassettes containing 2,200–2,500 notes.