SafeDeposit High Speed

High speed note and coin validation for the back office

Retail Deposit High Speed is the ultimate cash-handling deposit system for medium- and large-sized retail businesses handling large amounts of cash.

​Deposit speed: Deposit of up to 1000 notes per transaction in different bundles and up to 12kg of coins which are then instantly recorded and counted.

Cash management and monitoring: The real-time cash level of each safe can be tracked using Gunnebo’s web-based monitoring software, CashControl.

Collection for convenient CIT pick-up: Cash is sent straight into a sealbag. Route planning and pick-up times can be optimised by giving CIT access to cash level data.

Same-day credit: As soon as cash is deposited, details of the amounts can be sent to the bank allowing your account to be credited that working day.

Shortlisted for the Fraud Awards 2016 Most Innovative In-Store Product

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Key Specifications

  • Deposit Speed: Up to 5 notes per second. Up to 4 coins per second.
  • Deposit Method: ​​Note bundles of up to 1000 notes.
  • Capacity: Up to 10,000 notes per sealbag.