SafePoint Mistral

Customisable front-office cash drawer deposit unit

Quick and simple configuration of the SafePoint Mistral can be carried out using a special PC configuration tool.

Choice of design: Up to eight drawers per unit or a combination of drawers and door modules.

Any RAL colour can be chosen to paint the unit.

Optimised storage: Coin drawer, stationery drawer and security compartment.

An optional security lid can also be added to conceal the contents of a full drawer.

Fast key: Electronic fast key allows personalised access to SafePoint Mistral. Access rights for a fast key, such as quick access to certain drawers without time delay, are set via the unit configuration.

Deposit: Coins, coin rolls, notes and note bundles.

Other features: Customised security levelsAlarm interlocking of several Mistral units

Motorised locking system

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Key Specifications

  • Deposit Method: Drawer with deposit flap or door with deposit slot.