SafeStore Auto

Automated self-service safe deposit lockers

SafeStore Auto is a fully automated system of safe deposit lockers located in a high-security vault which customers can access from a self-service terminal in a secure room. A robot delivers the locker to the terminal when the correct ID has been given.

Self-service terminal: Customers can access the contents of their lockers at any point of the day using a touch screen terminal located in a secure room.

Access to the room is granted using a card reader.

Lockers are accessed using PIN and bank card, with optional biometric identification.

SafeStore Auto Maxi: The secure room may be located on the same level as the vault, on a floor above or a combination of both.

Therefore, there is no difficulty in installing the lockers in the basement and the security room with the self-service terminal in the bank lobby.

No limit on number of lockers.

SafeStore Auto Midi: Delivered as a complete unit for installation in the lobby wall or as a free-standing unit.

Does not need a pre-built vault and can be relocated to other sites on request.

Up to 300 lockers per unit.

SafeStore Auto Mini: Delivered as a complete unit, does not need a pre-built vault and can be moved if required.

Up to 100 lockers per unit.

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